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Haberler ve Güncellemeler

Ben bir paragrafım. Kendi metninizi eklemek ve beni düzenlemek için buraya tıklayın. Bu kolay. Kendi içeriğinizi eklemek ve yazı tipinde değişiklikler yapmak için "Metni Düzenle"ye tıklayın veya bana çift tıklayın.

The Second Transnational Project  Meeting.

Dortmund, Germany, on 5th and 6th February 2023. 8 teachers and 3 NGO staff (from Leeds DEC and SERGED) took part. The meeting focused on discussing the organisation of Multiplier events to share the Intellectual Outputs, sharing project updates, planning Peer Learning and Community awareness-raising events, and completing Impact Assessment. We also shared and discussed the reporting requirements, reporting tools Leeds DEC had created and a timeline for reporting on the project achievements. Partners shared their experiences of incorporating the Learning Outcomes from the Climate Curriculum Framework into their school curriculum and also teaching of the lessons and activities they had created. Each partner brought a selection of materials and pupils' work to the meeting and shared these. The teachers’ pride in the work they had achieved was really notable. Useful online resources (including teaching activities and videos) that could be used transnationally were shared, and the links shared on our project platform. The Irish partners shared videos of Peer Learning work.

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