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Teacher Training Courses

During the project, we carried out the "Global Teacher Academy" teacher training activity to support primary school teachers in integrating the climate curriculum into the school curriculum.
Teachers from each participating country who completed this training carried out "Teacher Training" activities for teachers working in their own schools.

These trainings were supported by the project partner LeedsDEC and SerGED experts.

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Moor Allerton Hall Primary School-England

Leeds DEC delivered the Global Teacher Award and Climate Curriculum training at the Leeds Teaching and Learning event, May 22


This provided training for the project partners in the project to achieve the British Council Global Teacher Award and training on Climate Change, so that teachers were more confident to teach the Climate Curriculum and equipped to cascade it to staff teams in their schools.


The GTA course covered the following learning outcomes:


increase teachers’ ability to understand and critique the knowledge base and key concepts associated with education for a just and sustainable world [global learning]

identify a range of different perspectives and question the assumptions behind them

enhance their understanding of the approaches to learning which promote critical literacy

develop practical ideas for incorporating new insights gained into their personal lives and work-related roles

justify incorporating global learning in the curriculum and include activities to measure changes in attitudes of their pupils in relation to certain global issues


The Climate Curriculum training provided participants with:

background knowledge about climate change to integrate teaching about climate issues with skills and confidence to tackle these difficult and complex issues

understanding of the 8 Key Ideas in Climate Curriculum and climate Big Ideas

approaches for integrating climate learning into existing teaching

ideas and tools for adopting a whole school approach

Aplerbecker Grundshule- Germany

Information and group studies were held for school teachers on the presentation of the project, the preparation of the projects at the school and the implementation of school plans.

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Our Lady Queen of the Apostles Primary School-Ireland

Our Lady Queen of the Apostles delivered Peer Education at the Dortmund Teaching and Learning event, Feb 23. It was attended by all the partners and NGO staff

The course provided the following learning outcomes:


  • an introduction to peer learning and social action

  • reflection on peer learning techniques and methodologies

  • showcasing the power of peer learning and some of the work done at Our Lady Queen of the Apostles

  • engagement with some key techniques and understand what works and what’s more difficult

Private Akdeniz Yukselis Primary School -Türkiye.

Group studies and briefings were held for primary school teachers on the presentation of the project, the preparation of the projects at school, and the adaptation of the climate curriculum to the school curriculum.

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