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This Toolkit has been developed as part of the ‘Climate Curriculum for Climate Action’ project.  This was an Erasmus project collaborated on by four primary schools in four different countries: Moor Allerton Hall Primary School, Leeds, England; Our Lady Queen of the Apostles Primary School, Dublin, Ireland; Aplerbecker Grundshule, Dortmund, Germany and Private Akdeniz Yukselis Primary School , Antalya, Türkiye.  The schools were joined in the project by two non-governmental organisations: Leeds Development Education Centre, Leeds, England and SERGED Association, Antalya, Türkiye.
The aim of the project was to collaborate on implementing a Climate Curriculum which would enable school pupils to gain the knowledge and understanding necessary for a world facing climate crisis, and also to equip them with the attitudes and skills to maintain their own mental and emotional wellbeing in the face of the crisis and also to make a positive contribution, both now within their own sphere of influence as children within their schools, families and communities, and also in their future lives. 
The schools worked together on a set of learning outcomes across the 8 key areas of: Scientific Background; Urgency of the need for action; Impacts of climate change; Responses to climate change; Consumption & climate justice; Possible futures; Mindsets & viewpoints and Feelings & behaviours.  These learning outcomes are designed to build pupils’ knowledge, understanding and skills as they progress through school.  They are outlined and explained in more detail in the
Framework document which accompanies this Toolkit.   Also accompanying this Toolkit is a Guide which provides case studies and further practical advice and examples from schools drawing on their experience of implementing the Climate Curriculum for Climate Action in their own contexts.

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